Mosaic Bathtub by MosaicSweden

Mosaic Bathtub by MosaicSweden ,tiles are certainly not just for walls or floors, but also genuinely awesome for bathtubs, as MosaicSweden has demonstrated right here. This claw foot mosaic bathtub is certain to flip some heads. Mosaic tiles are basically awe-inspiring simply because they let for this sort of diverse layout expression. You are able to be as excessive or subtle when you like using the end result.
As well as, there is some thing mesmerizing about all people small tiles aspect by side; producing a completely distinct result if you stand back, as compared to up near. We like that MosaicSweden boldly splatters a bathtub with mosaics, turning a normal claw foot tub right into a refreshing, contemporary beauty. Visit MosaicSweden to find out more.
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